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Oregon Aquarium accepting resumes


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That aquarium opening in Milwaukie announced that they are going to start accepting resumes, looking for 20 full time employees. No part time allowed. So those of you who are interested... there ya go. They are on facebook and here is the link https://www.facebook.com/portlandaquarium


So I am going to apply, anyone else? Anyone know what kind of salary to ask for? I am in the midst of a not so great divorce, discovering college is not for me, and moved into a terrible location, I need a certain wage to be done with these issues and get back on my feet. How much should I ask for? Anyone know what is standard for the industry? I do not have a degree, that will not help. But I can culture things and grow sps in a 55 with only 2 T5HO bulbs over it so that's gotta be worth it. SPS with perfect color too.


Also wondering if anyone knows these guys and could give me a reference. Anyone?


If anyone is going to work there and move closer to work I will be seeking new housing.

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I would apply, get an interview, sell yourself to them like you have in this post, let them know your passion for not only the hobby but for furthering your education about the actual ocean, and the hobby, hone in on your people skills, are you a leader? Or do you need direction to see tasks that need to be done, and completing them. I think once you get your foot in the door you can let them know what you need to make ends meet, and go from there. Coming from a manager you need to get yourself on the list before "demanding" a salary per say. They only may be able to afford so much per employee. But if you make yourself a "need" for them they may try and help you the best they can! It would be an awesome job I bet!!! Good luck and I wish you the best.

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problem is they always ask at the interview what you expect in salary and it has been my habit to ask for very little, not stand up for myself. I know there is a number that is acceptable to them, above which they will not pass, but I often aim lower. It's a bad habit and one I cannot afford at present. I have to hit a certain dollar amount or it is not worth withdrawing from school. I am sure I can fulfill their needs, can they do mine? That is the question. I think the norm for the industry is 10 an hour and I don't think I can live on that with rents the way they are but it is cheaper in Milwaukie... pretty stoked about one aspect. They will need to quickly stock tanks and I need to liquidate mine. So at the very least I can solve that problem. I will keep some frags and ditch these huge colonies, which having already grown them from frags I know will recover. I don't want to cut up such great colonies and sell them piecemeal, is nice to know they and the fish I have which are too large could be rehomed to a very good place.

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