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40 Breeder complete setup, and other stuff for sale


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I am essentially getting out of the marine hobby for now. May get back into in the future, but for now I need to sell.


I have a 40 gallon tank drilled and set up comes with the following (Pics later when lights are on) - $500 OBO

-20 gallon sump with a 15W flourescent light

- Well built and very nice, hand made stand (I didn't build it)

- 250W MH fixture also has two 36" T5 actinic blues. (includes ballast, etc)

- 4 X 250GPH powerheads

- built in overflow

- Livestock listed below

- 50 ish pounds of rock.




Sailfin Tang - 4"

Algae Blenny - 4"

6 line wrasse - 2"

Green wrasse - 3"

Engineer Blenny/Goby - 4"

Black and White ocelleatus clown - 2"

one green damsel

one purple damsel


2 favias

1 turinaria

several Ricordia yumas

blue and yellow ricordia florida

green califlower coral

green devils hand

green toadstool

several corals sold to me as capnella sps.

uncounted number of xenia, both tan and pink varieties

disk with several nice zoanthids

several mushrooms on various rocks

Few other corals I am forgetting at the moment




Will consider "parting out" with reasonable offers, but tank stand and sump need to go together.


Here is the other stuff for sale.


250W Blue wave Ballast - $50 http://www.aquacave.com/Blue-Wave-1-250W-MetalHalide-Ballast-by-SunlightSupply-P1120.aspx?gclid=CMKqvJ6477ICFWHZQgodFWcAcA


250W Lumnatech Ballast - $50 http://www.marinedepot.com/Lumatek_250W_120_240V_Dimmable_Multi_Wattage_Ballast_Kit_250_Watt_Metal_Halide_Ballasts-Lumatek-LK1221-FILTACBAMHTF-vi.html


approx 50 pounds of liverock. It is currently in 5 gallon buckets and still wet - $100 (not sold by pound weight is a guess)


bucket of live sand free with any purchase


Text me if your interested - 360-980-9274


Some pics posted. More to come




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Click on the pic icon at the very beginning of the ad...


I saw his tank, overflowing with pulsing xenia growth all over the tank...well worth the price if you would like to have an established system. Just need a little elbow grease to clean the glass, otherwise, the tank mates and invert are thriving. Really nice guy, give him a ring. I heard he's available this Sunday. Better get it while the selection is still good.


Just helping a fellow aquarist out. Have a great weekend all!


Ibelieve this is what you are looking for =)
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