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coral needs to GO !

Harold B

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I have a frogspawn colony $25 obo , a torch colony $25 obo, and a bit bigger than football size piece of premium live rock surrounded in green star polyps that i'd like to trade for same weight in live rock. I really want to remove these from my tank as it's supposed to be SPS (sticks) only. Please feel free to make an offer. Will consider trades. Just need to find'em a good home. PM me for fastest response. Thanks everybody.

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I'm not so sure these pics do them justice.

Torch (1st pic from a long time ago 2nd pic today):






Frogspawn is way in the back but it a little smaller than the torch, 5 to 6 heads approx.



Rock covered in GSP (at least football size):



Green pocillipora colony i'd let go as well (softball size):


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I'd really like to trade my piece of rock covered in GSP for equal weight in quality rock. It'd be all the GSP a LFS or anyone that trades alot would ever need. I'd imagine you could saw 100 Lg frags plus out of it. Just a thought. I'd just like to have more room to mount the rest of my SPS frags. If a LFS or anyone else is interested in trading just PM me.

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UPDATE: Torch and Frogspawn SOLD! Thankyou ShaunMonahan and PNWMAS


Still have verry nice Green Pocillipora colony $45 and two decent frags $15 a piece:










Also Med/LG size rock covered in GSP, Trade for equal weight in premium live rock, Pic above ^ I'll try to get a weight posted asap

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Likewise Shaun and thankyou, UPDATE: Green Pocillipora colony spoken for/pending pick-up. That leaves two LG Green Pocillipora frags (pics above ^) and the GSP rock that has an interested party as well, so thats pending to I suspect. Thankyou everyone and Thankyou PNWMAS !

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ANYONE in the Hillsboro/Beverton/Tigard area that is planning a trip up to OIAB I have a GSP covered Rock for Cos. If you would be so kind as to take it alonng with you I'd kick in on gas or somthing. I can meet you in Hillsboro/Beverton almost anytime and am in Tigard at PCC Sylvainia campus until 12:00 noon each day so I could meet ya during the week around then. Otherwise Ill make another trip next weekend. It would be a bucket 1/4 full of water with lid. PM ME Thankyou.

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Sorry, Both the Frogspawn and the Torch are gone. I do have a quite Lg colony of GSP could be the ORA metallic varity as it turns in different lighting. I don't know though, just a hunch. Therefore it's being represented as regular green star polyp. It is due to be taken to OIAB the next time I can get a chance to get up there even though i'd be nice for it to go to a home rather than the "LFS" as it may be awhile before I can get up there and it's holding up my current aquascaping (it's in the way). Its roughly about Football size, to soccerball size with fully expanded polyps. I'm looking to trade it for equal weight/value in Premium Live Rock which is a VERRY fair deal IMO. But also open to considering other trades. (I'm an SPS guy.... Hint Hint)



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