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40 breeder, 2x4 stand and sump


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Time to take down the quarantine system. I got a 40 breeder tank with a 2x4 stand (just 2x4's, no skin or anything fancy) and a sump. I think the sump is a standard 20 gallon tank. It has a few baffles in it. You can have the surface skimming pvc hang on the back drain that I made, it works pretty darned good.


And the display tank has a hole drilled in the back towards the bottom, but it was patched with glass and black silicone. The back of the tank was also painted black (still has the masking tape even!) Anyways, $40 takes the whole outfit.


Heres a pic of it all setup and running. Theres no other equipment with the tank aside from what is listed.



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