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car pool to reffapalooza? im driving


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Wow -- have fun at the expo!


Oddly enough, even in a Prius, I would think it would possibly cost less to fly down there and back, and you could possibly bring back some live goodies, too! I've got relatives that have been taking the train or flying 100-500 mile trips recently because it's cheaper than driving/gasoline.

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But its a prius bro ahha ive made that drive countless times. Sucks in shasta and in grape vine. Driving there back though probably wont cost more though considering gas effects planes and cars. Yes if you planned 6 months ago and booked it. But not now, maybe aouthwest or whatever, if you haul *** if possible in a prius its like 17 hours give or take more like 22 ish if you go slower.

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ya will do im excited i never been to anything like this my time is consumed with 3 kids a full time job and the clownhouse and my reef tank so i saved up to go i havent got a hotel yet but im sure i can find one when im there anyone wants to go i wont say no to a road trip buddy. and yes garett ill be giving that prius a run for its money because im ganna drive it like i stole it haha its a 2011 so its the nice one

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