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Free 25.00 cert for Fantastic Frags & Water Testing from Aqua Medic-I'll pay shipping


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I have a 25.00 gift certificate for Fantastic Frags-If you want it, here are the rules please follow them or get DQ'd;


1st person to post they want it put #1 and next person would be #2 and so on etc etc.


I'll use a random number generator this Friday night at 8PM our time and post the winning number.


Gift certificate goes out Monday


Good luck


Edit-sorry I cant edit the title-I'll pay shipping



Roy sent me this in a PM that he would like to add to the drawing;


Hey Brad I want to sweeting your free deal and add in a aquarium water testing coupon to the deal. Ill send to winner via usps free :) Free water test of your system from aqua medic



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