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Racking System - Triple Decker 55's and 90 + 55 gallon _ All for $600 obo or trade


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Built this assembly not too long ago. I'm actually looking to rack bigger tanks, so this is to fund my next project. They are all used as freshwater at the moment. Each 2x4 is held by 3" screws which has sections that can be taken apart easily for transport and reconstructed back fairly quickly. The structure is sturdy and attached side by side. Come see for yourself. I"ll provide exact dimensions by request if this generates any kind of interest. The rackers are roughly a little over 8 feet long overall and almost 8' in height. Let me know if there are any questions. Thank you.




All listed below for $600 or a trade for 240 - 300 gallon tank if possible



4x 55 gallon black trim

1x 90 gallon black trim

5x Heater for each tank

5x HOB Filters

* Lights for 55g that will need to be assessed, bulbs added, flashers, etc., or even repaired. Haven't had the time to look at them yet. I would say it is safe to say the lights are not in so great condition and a fixer upper. Also, stock all glass or perfecto lid misc.

* Minwax Black Oil Stain

* Several Extra 10' 2x4's


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