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Pics uploaded.


Acropora latistella "Peacock acro" Cream/white body w/ blue-violet tips and neon green coralites, grows into loose table form, 1.5" frag with branches: $35 (3 frags available)


Acropora prostrata "Palmer's Milli", solid deep blue-violet color w/ teal green hairy polyps. Looks like an A. millepora, 2" frag $50 (1 available)


Montipora Digitata "German Blue Polyp", neon purple polyps with white branch tips, 3" frag $15 PENDING fredknack



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All PM's replied to. I have one more nice Palmer's Milli and Peacock for the taking.


Cutle' date=' good choices...Shaun always has the good stuff:)[/quote']


Much appreciated Mandinga!


Yep Shaun is an OG in the Sps world.


Lol! From the looks of it kriz2fer, I need an invite to your house so I can raid, I mean see your sps collection ;). One can't ever have enough colored sticks.... or clams.


What great corals! Really nice meeting you tonight. Somebody needs to pickup the other palmer and the peacock. Top of the line stuff. Thanks' date=' Jeff[/quote']


The pleasure was all mine Jeff! Thanks for the compliment and I look forward to seeing your many, many, many reef tanks...

You have it bad Jeff, and the only cure is MORE and I completely get that ;)


As promised, pics still coming once I get off this thread.

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