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Want to buy T-5 Ballasts, icecap, ect.

Harold B

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Looking for two Ballasts, to run two sets of 2-60" 80w T-5 bulbs. So each Ballast would have to cover 10ft of total T-5 bulb legnth and 160w total (80w each) If any one has 1 or 2 ballasts that can do the job i'm looking. Any help on what ballast requirements I need to look at total bulb legnth or total wattage please let me know so if I have to go to the electrical supply store I'll know what i'm looking for. I bought a new workhorse 5 there once for some shorter T-5's and still have it but I don't think it'll be of any use for this project. Thanks Everybody. All info welcome.

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Harold shoot me a PM later if you are interested in what I got. i just took 2 5' VHO (T12 I think) actincs of my old LED set up, I am going to sell the VHO bulbs 5 months old, thenend caps and 2 work horse 7 ballasts as a kit for 60.00.


I am to lazy/busy to post.


I also have an Icecap660 w/heatsink and wiring harness for 60.00


either will handle your needs

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