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Cherry Corals 24 hour live sale


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really?it was that spectacular?i have seen some nice pieces on the site but usualy the prices are a little steep.what did you grab?

Not as much as I wanted, I lost many an item at the last second of checkout.


I grabbed their hellboy acro, retina blaster suharsoni, and some sweet acans- I got lagged out during check out for the red dragon


That just had stuff you wont find locally

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whoever came up with the 24 hr auction is a marketing genius. It really seems to generate a buzz. :)


On a side note: Have you ever considered starting your own web site Brad? With your collection and awesome pics you could surely play with the big dogs. :)

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I made it 21 hours of it. Went a little crazy and got 15 items. Still had fun.


Dang you went a little crazy after I logged out-I could have got the mama this morning but figured a deal can be made (if there was not one already-(whistle)



I'm down for the other deal we talked about and also I want to add 1 more items so we can get reduced shipping

Product 100/133

Ultra grade acan lord

-I'll text ya here in a bit

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