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looking for 4 dual t-5 endcaps and an icecap660 ballast

Harold B

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OK I got the 4 dual T-5 endcaps yesterday, verry nice thankyou verry much Wannareef. NOW for the ballasts these are gonna be 4 - 60" 80w T-5 bulbs so what do I need to run these? Between the 4 it'd be 320W all together and 240"/20ft of bulb all together. How many ballasts will I need? How exactly do you figure it out by total legnth or total wattage? If anyone has an icecap or two they'd be willing to sell i'm in the market. I'll probably run 2 off one and 2 off another. So i'm assuming 2 ballasts that can handle 10ft of total legnth and 160 total watts. Can Workhorse 7's handle that? What can? Thanks

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