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WTB: Frogspawn


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You both should head down to The Premium Aquarium. We have literally dozens of varieties of torches' date=' hammers, frogspawns, octopus, etc.[/quote']


I definitely would, but its a bit more of a drive then i'm willing to travel. But I probably will stop by your store later next month.

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Went to OIAB yesterday and got a $15 dollar frogspawn 2 heads starting a third. I'm happy with it. They had more if your interested.



Just bought my Frogspawn from Wegotjs. Was told it has 5 heads, but found out it had 6 :D. Gave me a great deal on it too.

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Sweet ! You should think about getting a pair there's something about the twin spots i don't know if it's a safety in numbers thing or what but they do better in pairs and have a better success rate they also do serious work on your sand bed I counted mine one time 30 scoops in five minutes so hopefully your sandbeds mature and full of critters

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