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Compact 1/2 horsepower inline chiller. Rated up to 450 gallon aquariums. 11 amps. 115 volt. 3 year warranty INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE. 10 to 30 gpm flowrate. 1 inch FPT inlet and outlet. TradeWind Chillers feature: condensing unit made by the Copeland Corporation, the most reliable in the industry, molded threaded inlet and outlet on inline models, rugged, powder-coated steel cover that resists corrosion, easy to program electronic controller with 1 degree accuracy, well probe for controller sensor prevents freeze-ups and prolongs sensor life, insulated refrigerant lines to prevent condensation, side inlet and outlet on inline units makes for a clean installation while also allowing the removal of the cover without disconnecting the plumbing, every unit built is water-run tested.


This particular unit was purchased in August 2010 and still has 3 years left on factory 5 year warranty. It was used on a 200 gallon reef tank and is still in excellent condition. Chiller includes all instructions, warranty paperwork, and dual stage controller. Just plumb to your system, plug in, and enjoy a constant 78 degrees. These chillers sell new for $1,275.00. This chiller is like new and at a much reduced price. Asking $825.00 OBO. Please call 208-863-2200 if interested.





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I have decided to reduce the price of this chiller and add some equipment. I am including white flex plumbing with shutoff valves and Mag Drive 1200 pump. This adds an additional $245.00 value to the chiller. I am also reducing the price for all of this equipment to $675.00. I don't believe you will find a lower price or better deal. If you are interested, e-mail me at david.gataletto@va.gov and I will send you some pics of the chiller and all equipment. Thanks.


Dave (Gatreef)

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