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My clowns were "busy" today


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Sweet!!! I think your options are pretty limited unless you can get them to spawn on tile or something else that you can remove from the display. If I'm not mistaken though you are going to have many chances at this since they will probably keep getting "busy". LOL.

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So I have been handling the hatching of these guys and we are making it farther each time. First attempt we managed to hatch, but had no rotifers in sight. Second time we got through the first 2 days w/ four left and the rotifers (curtsey of Jamie from the Clown House) was just a little too late. Here is a pic though on the second day, and I'll post pics of the culture station after my camera charges.


Very different parents so the combo should be cool once we get them past metamorphosis

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naw need some al green "lets get it on" lower the lights dump a glass or 2 of wine in the tank put a lepord skin throw over the tank. and leave them a lone for a while = lots of babbies


Haven't tried that method yet, but my clowns might go for it.... Either way I have the eggs now and I think by the dates on this thread 2 days till hatch. Wish me luck, though this time we are ready.

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