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jelly fish tank


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Not a really great way to keep the jellies. Moon jellies get big if I remember, maybe a tropical species? A true Kreisel works alot better. Stay tuned for a build thread. Jelly care requires dedication and hopefully a way to culture them for replacement in 6 months or so.(requiring multiple Kreisel tanks)

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I agree with the bad advertising. I see so many things like that. 29 gallon tank ads showing yellow tangs, hippos, nasos etc. Its bad because people think they can set it up that way, and I am often the one to break them the news they cannot. There are other cool things you can use in the ads that are honest, responsible, and attractive...

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Coldwater jellies are easy, stay small, and are plentiful ;)


I've been keeping a few in my system just to play around with.


Ahh you are killing me, I need another tank like a hole in the head but I find myself looking online at chillers and cold water goodies. I'm sure I have hit you site a hundred times by now DOH!


Tell us more............(clap)


+1, with pictures please (whistle)

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Wow.... I feel bad for being the alpha in this world.. Look what we do to things, I feel bad for my clown by himself in a 29g.. I could never put a turtle in a "keychain" that he's going to die in and literally can't move..

Them overseas ppl are crazy


You should look up how we AMERICANS keep egg laying hens. We are so removed from our food source that we have a distorted view of our own reality.

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