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Back to School! Lakeridge tank!


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Well as some of you who have been following the forum know, I have been scrambling the past 2 weeks to try to get this tank up and running. Marshall was trying to get it set up but he's out of the state enjoying college life now! Congrats Marshall! Mike from MVP Aquatics was helping out too in the summer and helped us move the tank into the school and transfer the corals, fish and rock from the cube to the new tank.


However, the lights we were going to use were not going to work and the overflow was not connected to the sump and we could not find the pump for the skimmer that was in there. So after some last minute scrambling and a couple of trips back it finally came together!(clap)(clap)



This is the Earth Science Class. I also love that you get extra credit if you don't use the bathroom passes! Who knew that having a large bladder was the key to a good grade?!DOH!(laugh)(laugh)







The canopy was built by Matt V at the cost of the wood!Trautman had wanted it to be a tall stand because initially he was going to install 250W MHS and wanted the lights up a bit because of the heat. Thanks Matt!(clap)(clap) The students will work on painting it later. Shaun Monahan went over last week and drilled the holes in the canopy for the overflow to fit! Thanks SHaun!(clap)(clap)







Well I got a desperate phone call the weekend before from the teacher that there were no lights for the tank. There was a concern that the MHS and ballast were going to be a fire hazard so Marshall didn't want to use them. After some begging on the forum, Kenny (Epic) from Reefstar LED gave us a smoking deal on these latest and greatest LEDS! He also went over them and installed them and programmed them! They are amazing and look great!(clap)(clap) This will also save on electricity for the school and I won't have to worry about replacing bulbs! Thanks again Kenny!








When we stopped by Sunday they were painting the walls to look like the ocean!:D





Sarah started writing a list of things the students should test for in the tank:





Beth got the overflow up and running today!(clap)(clap)We also brought in some saltwater to fill up the sump









There are a few diatoms forming. There are only 3 fish in there right now but those guys are bullet proof after sitting in a tank with no heater and not hooked up to a sump. Right now all that is in there is a Goby, Mono, and Ocellaris!









Well there it is. Sadly many of the corals died off over the summer but they may come back and this tank has so much potential with the space and lights! Thanks again everyone for the help

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When I get back I'll trim some green Sinularia and a few other softies to get it going again


have some some pulsing xenia ' date=' a shroom or 2, an a Ocellaris that i would donate if some can pick them up in sherwood (sorry don't dive medical)[/quote']


Thanks! I told Sarah we shouldn't have trouble starting her off with some softies

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It is great that Kenny gave you a smoking deal on those lights!


I look foreword to seeing the tank this December!


AND YIKES!! how embarassing... looks like Mr. Connolly forgot the proper spelling of "unused" (whistle)







Hey! Welcome Back Marshall! I didn't even notice the typo. I was too busy being amused that you can get extra credit for not going to the restroom! :)

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