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Acrylic scratch removal/auto top-off questions


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Edit: For some reason the word SCRATCH gets turned into the *Scratch* icon each time the word is used! laugh


Today my rainbow lifegard scratch removal kit arrived, and after the initial shock of seeing the horrible scratches it created before it got better, I am quite pleased with the result.

I had tons of small scratches on the inside (not just on the bottom near the sand) and I was hoping to get some ideas how to avoid them in the future.

The acrylic safe sponge I've been using is obviously not as safe as they advertise! ;)


Are there any recommended magnet cleaners that do not create scratches as long as you stay away from the sand?

And I read that some people put some micromesh on their inside magnet to constantly buff out small scratches. I wonder if this is safe for the inhabitants. It sounds like a great idea!


And in a few days, my aqua lifter pumps for an auto top-off should arrive. While researching, I came across a lot of mention that RO/DI top-off water should be aerated and buffered, while other places said this is not necessary.

What's everybody's experience here?

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keith, they really are annoying. Not in the Simon Cowell way either.


The buffered water may refer to kalkwasser for some people. If you need the calcium for SPS, this may be appropriate. If you have mainly softies and some LPS, it may not be as necessary.


I use an acrylic safe mag-float. Works perfect when there is no sand in the pad. Otherwise, when people come over and wanna play with it, I get scared.

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