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Montipora Eating Nudi's :(


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I apparently have these nudibranchs all over my corals. There have been corals that I thought were just RTNing for quite a while from bad water chemistry that can probably be blamed on these little bastards!


I just read an article about something called Potassium Permanganate that is supposed to do a pretty good job of killing them and their eggs. It is also sold as "Poly-Ox" by Kent Marine, Does anyone know where to get this or have any experience using it?

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I have potassium permanganate. You just need to come to Oregon City to get it.


I have about a 10 lb container of the stuff, and you only need MICROGRAMS. I have several billion treatments for nudis in my basement. Ha Ha.


I have some that is already measured out and just needs to be added to a liter of water to make it work.


Send me a PM and I will give you my phone number so you can call me to come get the permanganate. :)



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I was able to eliminate them with tweesers and a very hungry yellow corris wrasse. I threw away a couple plating frags that were on the sandbed, and just moved all my monty's to where I could get to them easily. I checked them every other day or so and picked off any I found. After a couple months I was pretty sure they were gone and put the monty's where I wanted them. Its been over 7 months and havn't seen any signs of them since. Good luck.

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