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a new trend??/


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Jump on the bandwagon Brad. I seen a skimmer in the Classifides you need. :)


I saw that beast-OMG


I do have a lot of stuff laying around but I'm just to lazy to post-I'm lucky I guess I was able to put together a QT set up with "stuff" I had laying around-DOH!



But I will get rid of it, someday.


Nothing wrong with getting rid of stuff it was just funny I thought-I'd hate to be a LFS, glad I only sell stuff they dont and wont carry-(whistle)

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That's the thing with this hobby. People just come and go and usually they decide to sell off in the summer since no one seems to care about the tanks. Yeah it's sad the turn over rate in this hobby, only the strong survive and if you want a beautiful packed Sps display tank it take years to grow out.

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