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EcoTech service experience anyone?

Harold B

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I was wondering if anyone has had experience with sending a Vortech pump in to EcoTech for servicing? What happened? What did it cost? And a million other questions? Thanks


I just sent my MP20 to them last week, they received it Monday-I did the upgrade to the 40ES and the dial to adjust flow did not adjust, it was like it was stuck on high.

The tech seemed surprised and asked I send the whole unit minus the wetside in. I'll let ya know how it plays out buy I wont be suprised if they send me a whole brand new 40.

My experiance with them has always been awesome-one of the best customer service experiances I've had, actually Tunze is pretty impressive too.


Wassup with your pump?

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I have an MP-40 that has "crazy lights". the LED's are all mixed up green is pink ect. I've been talking with them and they said I should send it in, in the mean time it just stopped. I sent an e-mail yesterday, maybe they'll give me some kind of credit towards a big-ol' MP-60, doubt it. Just want my 40 working again. I just don't want to pay to much $ that could be going towards a MP-60. Yes I'm obsessed. Did you all send yours back in the original packaging/box?

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