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moving back and need a tank


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im looking for a nano cube or a rimless cube to start back up when i move back to portland my dad sold our 200 cube when he thought he was moving. i would want the biggest nano cube or bio cube with stand and would be nice if it has metal halide. here are the pic of what i have for trade..

i also get iphones all the time jus let me know if you wana trade for one

8gb ipod touch



dr dre studios



the watch on the left is a bulova one on the right is whittnhaur i paid 550 for the bulova and 900 for the whittnhaur


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I have an 11 gallon glass nano set-up which is a Via-Aqua tank. Come with a PC light fixture that mounts nicely on top w/2 x 18 watt bulbs. I can also add in a power head for flow.


Here is a picture of the tank, after I upgraded the lighting to a MH pendant, and when it was set up running a refugium on the back. The PC fixture came with the tank as a standard set-up.





My son's looking for a Touch so this would be a good fit?


Let me know if you're interested.




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I have a 75g tank and stand for $100. Actually there are two of them. One is black trim and black stand with a home-made overflow, drilled for drain and return.


The second is wood trim with wood colored pine stand with a pine hood that has some PC lights (some are not working and I have not looked into why).


It is not a nano-cube, but they are cheap.



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I just needed to know that you were willing to consider a larger tank. Here is the wood trim tank




I don't have a photo of the black trim tank right now, but it is in the process of being broken down and cleaned up. It is not pretty looking at the moment, but I will try to get a photo before the end of the day.


I was hoping for the cash but would think about a trade. Are those noise-canceling headphones or just over-the-ear?



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