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48x24 Aquarium Stand


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Okay, folks - I have the tank now I need a stand. I bought an Aqueon 48x24x24 drilled aquarium with dual overflows, and I am thinking about making the stand or purchasing it from my LFS (I'm in Olympia - so kind of far North!). But, I thought I'd check here and see if anybody had some ideas or a stand up for grabs. New it would cost $240 so I'm trying to be economical.



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How much would it cost to get a welded one? Is there a way to add doors or something to it to hide the sump?


The welded ones are slick!!! People usually make a "skin" and attach it with magnets. They end up looking amazing and they are supper functional because once the skin is removed you have a ton more room to work. I know Kim and Beth have one, I'll try to find you a link.

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