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Oregon Aquarium?


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I used to live four blocks from there. It was a big restaurant but I didn't think it was that big


I wonder if we could do a PNWMAS day at the aquarium? Especially since there is a LFS in Milwaukie now.


All the cool stuff comes when I move out fo the boonies DOH!

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Thanks Stew and Cold water marine for all the cool animals so far and the help that have been to us in Portland. We have just started construction on this facility really the first tanks and quarantine are going in now, but we don't have permits so cant really start on much more. It will take some time to build hoping around December. We would love volunteers that are interested in helping to come help us. IT takes a lot to build a public aquarium as you all know with the tanks you already take care of. Behind the scenes tours for free for all you guys would be just fine, right now there is nothing :) We are looking for people to hire and would prefer to get to know employees before we actually hire them. Volunteer work is the best way to do that for all of those interested. I can not promise that you will all be hired or any for that matter, but I can promise you will have fun and you might learn a little as well.


We are always available for discussions but prefer to talk over facebook, like us there.



Ammon Covino


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Nice to see you on the board ammon! To all those who have yet to meet Ammon and his brother they are great people and the new facility is going to be stellar! Stew and I are working on some wolf eels for there Idaho location so if any one wants to see a big ol' eel before we ship them off let us know they should be in are holding system in the next week or so.


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I have been helping the guys at The Oregon Aquarium. Got some fish in today. Thought I would share some pics. I have some of the consteuction process I just need to compile them...its been a long day!





Baby hammerheads!



Also got some southern stingrays about 20 inches in diameter and some rainbow runners.

More photos to come after they acclimate a bit

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Some new pics


Here we got some acrylic, just a few thousand dollars worth...the thick sheets are 2 inches thick.



Here is Shane cutting them to spec...I dont envy that job



Here we are caulking out the silicone...silicone 795..the good stuff. Took 24 tubes per window! This isnt a cheap project!



Here we are placing the panel. Only get one shot at this!


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