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Water changes?


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I have a 76 gallon with a 35 gallon sump/fuge. I used to do 20% water changes every 2 weeks. my zoas started to shrivel up and die in the display tank. I've sinced moved all my zoas into the refugium of my sump and have stopped doing water changes. it has been a month or 2 since the last water change. my corals have thrived in the fuge. I have a skimmer rated at 200 gallons and in the fuge is rock and chaeto. I am also running a phosban reactor.


Do I need to do water changes more often?


Why were they dying off with biweekly water changes?


also noted that I can not grow any hard coral or sponge. they seem to die off really quickly

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What are water parameters? My only explanation i could think of from water changes iw, either base water is contaminated somehow and orsalinity temp changes idk just a guess might want to check water your uaing for changes for nirates ammonia etc

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