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Got ich


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So got Ich in the main DT just finished setting you my Hosp tank 40g with 40g sump 300 per hr return BB. Going to try hypo 1st. planning have my babbie in the qt for 6-8 wks. not sure to do with the nems though. putting all lr in 55gal drun with pwr heads and heater and letting the dt go fallow during that time.


The question is what level should the water be, I've heard from 1.00 to 1.20 and wether to run a skimmer or not.


Any advise would be helpful.


Also set up a 2nd 10g for copper treatment if the 1st doesn't work.


Thanks in advance.


5 tanks and of cousre the biggest one gets it DOH!

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What size tank and how many fish??? I am currently running hypo on my DT, I have way too many fish to keep them in a QT (unless it was the size of my DT). LOL. It is a lot easier to keep coral in a QT IMO because they won't pollute the water like fish will. If you decide to go copper then you will have to use a QT because you don't want it in your DT EVER!!! I have read that using hypo and copper is a death sentence so if you do decide to use copper make sure the fish are back to a normal SG. Oh ya, I also read that while the fish can tolerate a rather quick lowering of SG, the SG must be brought back up slowly over a 6 day period. Apparently it is the return to regular SG that is the most dangerous time for your finned friends. :)

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When I treated for ICH, I just put my 6 line Wrasse (he was the only survivor) in my Q/T & did a hypo salinity treatment & let my display go fallow for 8 weeks. I left all my coral & inverts (including a RBTA) in the display while it went fallow. That was about a year ago & so far so good (knocking on wood) It's tempting to shorting the fallow cycle when everything is looking good. DON'T. Longer is better. Good luck!

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Did the garlic thing 7 died. Do garlic every day feed 2 -3 time a day mixed diet soaked in garlic // just got the 1st and the worst in QT monitoring for signs of distress (ok cann't spell have dislexia) got water set at 1.16 76 F. Wish I had the QT set up done earlier // never again. Had to make space plumb fill ect.. took a day too long (cussing)


Lost 6 line, yellow gobbie, pipe fish, flame hawk, hippo tang, coral beauty, yellow eye tang, made me (sick) // clown in QT

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I know this isn't what you want to hear but there are members on this forum (not me) who do not fear ick. Some of the nicest tanks on this forum do not use QT. my point is not that you should not QT, but you need to look a little deeper into what caused this, you are doing something wrong. I'm not sure if your not feeding good food/not enough food. Maybe you have too many fish for your sized system? All I know is that for seven fish to die something is wrong, it is easy to just say it was the ick but you should really be examining all aspects of your system IE what you feed, how much you feed, how many fish you have/what species.


My blue tang has lived for years with ick, he is in a 125 though, had I had him in a ten gallon he wouldn't have lasted a week. It is important to find the deeper cause because even with a QT for new fish, something as simple as a turbo snail could re introduce ick.

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about 2years old, about 3 months in current location moved every thing from water to rock in the move. 90 gal 1/2" starfire glass bb w/ 40ish gal sump, fuge, skimmer, carbon, phosban calcium reactors 2 seaswirls dual returns, 140 3 watt led set up with moon lights about 150 lbs lr and 20 in the sump 96w mixed pc over sump running on off cycle on main lights over fuge. water parms all good no copper tested for it sg about 1.24/25 varies a little due to evap (no room for ato) just only ro/di water new all new filters (ouch) last month, picked up acouple new fish the other day didn't QT big (nono) w/in 24 hours half the tank had spots took 3 days to set up the new qt (total 4 days) in that time had half the tank die.


Whats Left


4 green cromies ( no sings of ich yet)

2 blue yellow tail cromies ( no sings of ich yet)

pair of black clowns

pair of tomato clowns (they are/were due to move to my other tank)

1 perc clown (had to take out of my 60 was fighting with my other 6 line was going to re-home on my next build in a month or 2)

7 rose lta 2 over 8 inch

few softies

1 glta

1 blood red shrip

2 cleaner shrimp

cuc various

none of the remaining fish are over 3"

various shrooms, hammers, candy canes.. ect

might be missing a thing or 2

dose garlic once every 3 days

feed mixed diet 1-3 times a day small portions soaked in garlic 10-15 min prior to feeding

5 gal week water change (Kent) + about 5 gal of ro/di water (due to evap)

Just sick to my stomach ( wife joke with me says I love my babbies more than my kids) guess not other wise I would have done a proper QT. It took over the tank sooo fast.( went out and bought a whole set up/system to QT them) CRASH AND BURN.. thinking tearing the whole thing down doing vinger bath then re-setting it. very bummed right now thanks for any help will see what happen now that I have them in QT. still not sure what to do with the nems as of yet.

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Don't think it was your fault.. think they may have been in the bags too long.. my fault for having you wait too long on a hot day and not doing a proper QT.. btw the others are doing fine in my other tanks. I think the purple and the potter love their new home lots of rock work with a bunch of caves.

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All fish are now clean of spots.. all are eating better.. 6 1/2 weeks left to go.. hold in sg at 1.16 // Main tank was completely broken down cleaned left sump a lone // new sand bed. lr got a fresh water dip and re-mounted. Took 2 days for tear donw an re-set. Water has finaly cleared up. looking great. now crystal clear now just waiting on the fish. The Skimmer went nuts for 3 days almost a cup a day ( 200 gal rate pm) (must have been the die off on some of the lr from the dip) The smell was like wow.. now it super clear no smell lost half the cuc turbos died but go figure the hermits made it np. With all lr wonder how long for it to cycle but thinking it will match up.. fuge full of cheto ect lots of pods. gsp are staring to open.. never will let this happen again. always QT new add to the tank. now have a QT for fish and 2nd for coral 2 40g b.. + a 10 gal hosp..


lesson learned (flame)

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Re-run, I didn't realize you brought down your entire tank to get rid of ich...the parasites will die in 8 weeks with no host.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


Your tank is probably going to go through a mini cycle, especially with a new sand bed. I would be very careful in adding all your fish at once to the tank now.

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