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Plating Monti on back glass

Rick T

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So I've seen a few tanks with plating Monti on the back glass.


I really like the look so I tried it with a couple largish frags (3" and 5") and for the life of me couldn't get them to stick using the epoxy superglue combo.


Anyone know the trick to get these attached to the glass?

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I used the magnet frag plugs from ocean wonders.... http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/fragging-supplies/frag-plugs-disks/oceans-wonders-mag-disks-4-pack.html on a side note Garrett carries these at his shop.


I attached my frag to one of these and as they grew they grew on the back wall.


I have a couple of them that I can sell you CHEAP. I am getting out of the hobby, and also live in Oregon City. Send me a PM.


When I had montis growing on the back with my tank, I would put a blob of superglue on my finger, then make a short "snail trail" with it on the glass. Then I would put a blob of glue on the part of the frag that I wanted stuck to the glass. Underwater the blob would meet the "snail trail" and a quick twist and hold for a minute would make it stick long enough to hold.


Just remember that the coral likes to grow UP to the top of the tank. Start with it low enough that there is enough upward room for growth.



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