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Update for Pioneer School


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Beth and I stopped by the Pioneer School to do a water change. We let it go a little longer since it was summer. We did a 10 gallon change. Pets on Broadway has kindly been donating ro water for them!


For those of you who haven't heard the protein skimmer pump broke last week. A snail got caught in it and burned out the motor (flame) Did not have much finding a replacement locally so we have to order a new pump so hopefully we will get the skimmer up and running by next week.



Becky did a good job of writing down specific instructions for the tank while everyone is away for the summer. Although they seem to have missed the note that it was okay to clean the tank...(whistle)








Tank is all cleaned. There is a fair amount of algae in the tank. Part of the problem is the shades are up and the tank is getting a lot of sunlight.Hopefully keeping the shades down will help







The GBTA looks great and the Cinnamon clown is hosting it. The water is a little murky just with scraping the algae off the glass





Water already clearing up some. Hairy mushroom is doing well





All the corals are looking good. I was a little worried how the summer would go but so far most of the softies look good and the fish are doing well!(clap) Hopefully we will have the skimmer up and running again this week (fingers)







If anyone knows of any school interested in a tank. I have a nice nano ready to go!

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What a great tank for a classroom' date=' I bet the kids love it. Wtg[/quote']


Yes they do! The staff love it too! With all the school budget cuts, it's nice to be able to help out with all the forum support.


Way to go! Looks great!


Thanks! Just got the replacement skimmer pump today!

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Just another update. Bob aka Alterego was able to get us a new pump for the skimmer and dropped it off at my house this weekend. Thanks Bob! (clap)

Beth stopped by the school today and replaced the pump and the skimmer is working again! Thanks Beth! (clap)

They also are keeping the shades down and there is less algae!

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