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Glue'n coral?


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Ok so I glued my Duncan coral to a rock that my LFS said should work. Basically its like cured cement? But what the did was fill the tips of baby nipples, and glue the frags to them. So I did that, and I'm noticing that it doesn't really support my Duncan coral very well. It starts to tilt, And with it sprouting new heads I'm worried it won't support it for much longer, I have it super glued (not normal super glue) like water resistant, to the nipple now, but how do I get it off? And would a puck work better. My sand bed is only like 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Thanks guys



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Super glue is easy to break if you give it a quick snap, or use a lever like a screwdriver to pry it apart.


You will need to place your duncan in a large rock because it will grow and a small rock will not support the weight.


Another alternative is to glue the small rock that is already attached to a larger rock.


You could also use plumbers epoxy or two-part marine epoxy for this. It comes in a stick that is the consistency of modeling clay. There are two colors, one inside and one outside (usually white inside and green outside). You break off a small piece and kneed it to a constant color then put it where you want. It will harden like a rock. It can be used underwater.


I have seen where people will put a blob of superglue on a rock, then put the plumbers epoxy (push down into all the little holes so it sticks better), then superglue, then the frag. Then the epoxy is molded around the bottom of the frag to make it look like it is one piece. The superglue gives good stick, and the plumbers epoxy makes it more permanent.


I would either find a nice hole, or drill one, in a big rock and stick the end of the duncan stem into the hole. Superglue or epoxy it into place.


I love duncans. They became my favorite coral after I became allergic to frogspawn. It is fun to feed them and watch them consume the food. It will also make them grow fast and produce many, many heads rapidly.


Good luck with your duncan!



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