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WTB specific frags


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I dipped the sunset milli that won't extend its polyps' date=' but I didn't see anything come off. Is there something else I can do to check for the bastards?[/quote']

No the dip would have done it if you followed the procedure, sounds like your good to go-


I've moved corals before it had taken them nearly a month for them to start looking normal/good again



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I'm pretty sure Jody has all of those for sale. I have a bigger frag of green birdsnest' date=' but that wouldn't be worth it to ship. I have 4 nice montis for sale though and if you buy the pack I'll throw in the birdsnest;)[/quote']


I'm sure Jody has a nice collection, but I wanted to try find them locally, so I don't have to worry about shipping costs.

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