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Imma newb to the forum

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And just wanted to say



I've only been In the hobby for so long (about 3 weeks) and my bud who has been in the hobby a lot longer introduced me to the forum.


Jright now I just started a pico not to long ago and got a ten gal that I call the "leaf lair" lol (naughty)

Pretty creative huh lol.


Anyways I should be posting pics here soon, well as soon as I can figure this forum out and hope to be on here a lot more often.

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This forum has been a great resource for me and I hope it will be for you as well. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we have a lot of friendly helpful poeple on here that have a huge amount of knowlage.


Do I read your post right and see some leaf fish in your future, if so way cool. :)


Oh and we all love to see pictures of different setups. When your ready you can post few (whistle)

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Yeah I actually have had the 10 gal set up about 3-4 months he's been in there a little over half the time, he's actually doing great! Funny story is he ate the first day a cromis ended up spitting it up (think it was too big for him) didn't eat for almost 3 weeks after. I was nervous, so I kept trying different stuff and he finally ended up eating tiny fresh water feeder fish.

I know I had to get him off that because he wouldn't get the proper nutrients and his nervous system would shut down, so me and my bud tried silversides one night the day before his regular regiment. And we played with it for about 15 min then

... HE ATE IT! And ever since has been on frozen silversides. (rock2)

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