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i have the wrong job


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I was in my bathroom with my magazine.. some wild life magazine and it had a section on reefs... and what people are doing about the future of them.. they have found that ph is rising and heat etc....we have all heard this...


so there are scientist that their jobs are to heat up tanks and ph.. and see what lives and dies.. then propergate the species they believe will live without bleaching out. Then they dive and build there reefs about 3o feet down in the ocean.by gluing these frags with super glue to cynder blocks and every month dive and pull algae etc...



First of all... I do all of that... I over heat my tank. Have high ph... and find out what never to buy again.. and frag what lives.... and I pull tons of algae... I think we all have.. we have delt with the disease..


these guys get paid to do what I pay an arm and a leg todo.... urggggg......


Who's with me here......

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