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Hello, I'm a 25 year freshwater vet with many tanks, current tank is a 55 gal tank with fish and a 7 inch red eared slider sitting atop with a basking area and uva/uvb/heater lamps. I just bought a biocube 29 last month and am modding it with a AL115 skimmer, will custom build a refugium and lamp and fish shield. Photos to follow soon. It will be housing a G. Smithii Mantis Shrimp and CUC.

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Hello All, just showing my BioCube 29 with some typical mods.

Thanks to many forum DIY people for inspiration.


1/4" Light eggcrate HomeDepot: $12

3 sheets of plastic canvas from Micheals Hobby store: 59 cents each.

100 mini zipties: $4









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Very cool. What do you plant to keep in the filter basket you made? I love the diy projects probabaly one of my favorite parts of this hobby. Keep up the good work and the cool pics =)


Jeramy, I plan to put LR and cheato into there.


Toby, yeah, I looked at how the water fell after removing tab, calculated the flow rate, bended the plastic canvas to allow space for water movement and have a pocket for carbon filter. I went to Upscales and saltwater Fantaseas and Petco to view the sizes of carbon baggies and sized it that way. Now the water flows through the carbon rather than around it. Of course, it's not great flow but the way I curved it makes for significant quieter flow.

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