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to rinse or not to rinse....that is the question.


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I'm getting ready to transfer the contents of my 25 gal to the 40b setup I bought yesterday. The sand in the 40 will be rinsed thoroughly, but I'm wondering about the stuff in the 25gal. The tank has only been running for a month. There is visible life in it(worms, etc.) Do I go ahead and rinse it, and kill off what is in it? or will it be okay as is? I always rinse sand that has been used, but I'm not sure this time since it's only been in the tank a short time.





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Jason, the old proprieter of The Coral Reef, once told me to smell the sand. Take a handful from several areas and smell it. If it smells like the beach, go ahead and reuse it without rinsing. If it smells like rotten eggs, either toss it or rinse it well and dry it out to kill all the bad stuff. I followed this advise during two upgrades and never lost a single piece of livestock.

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