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Move forces sale


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Well it looks like we might be moving to Texas and I don't think my tank will make the drive. Therefore I am trying to sell it before so its not a scramble. Here is a list of what I have and I can post or text (Easier) pictures if needed. This system is very healthy and pest free.

First I need to sell livestock



Yellow Coris wrasse- $12




Most of these are frags

Oregon mummy eye 3 eyes-$70




red hornets Zoas (8-10 heads) also comes with rock its on- $40





Also 25# of LR with tons of coraline- $2/lb



18x18x18 cube made by envision 1/2'' thick with built in overflow and black back Hardly any scratches- $300

5 Gallon sump-$10



Will Sell as a package deal for $925

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What kind of angler? You should do a share the love on that radion :D

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Hahaha no share the love on that sorry. if you look at my build thread there is a picture of him (25 gal envision cube) he is just a wartskin

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