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Femto fish


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Femto? Why are people calling it a femto? Wouldn't you call it a pico? Isn't a pico 2 gallon and under?

Well, pico is loosely described as anything under 5.5 gallons.


We sort of adopted the term femto to describe a tank under one gallon.


I would say this seems reasonable because the rules for a successful sub-gallon tank are pretty different from a pico tank.


Everything changes at this level of size, and thus it seems reasonable to call this diminutive type of tank by a different name.


I just pulled that explanation out of my behind, but it makes sense to me.

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I would have to agree that even if the fish is small like a clown goby that I dont think they would be very happy in a system that small. My yellow clown goby is very active and swims all over my 31 gallon tank I would not think he would last long in the small confines of a under one gallon system.

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