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Check out my "Junk tank"


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Few pictures of the "Junk Tank" it's a 40B thats in the garage. I call it this because it houses all the odds and ends. Macro Algae, Corals that are not looking so good for one reason or another. Corals I just bought and acclimating them to my system, ect......










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Thanks guys for the kind words. Most of its not really "junk" but if you look close the Tri-color is brown as can be. The Scoly was almost dead, given to me by a friend to see if I could bring it back to life. :) It's starting to look pretty good. (clap) Their are a few Acans in their that look like s**t. Other than that the Clam and the 4 SPS in the front are new from a friends tank takedown and waiting to go to the DT.


The Macro's I love. They are different and colorful. I left town the other day (4 days) to go camping with the family. No one to watch or feed my tank. I dropped in a large portion of Flame Algae rubber-banded to a rock to feed the Tangs and keep everyone calm while I was gone. Worked like a charm. When I got home everyone was fat and happy.



Do you know the name of the coral in the pic under the green stag? I have that and it has grown to have some amazing colors in HIGH light. (Loripes maybe?) Hopefully you'll know.


Harold I have no idea on that corals ID yet. Was going to post it on RC and see if anyone could Id it. So Ill get back to you on it. ;)

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