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proper height for metal halide mounting


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I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how high above the water to mount 2 400w Radium 20K metal halides. I am considering making a new hood and wanted to get the height right for mounting them above a standard 125 acrylic tank.


Thanks in advance


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How high you mount them really depends on your situation. You will get more light spread and less intensity the higher you mount them.


I've seen people hang halides a couple feet over there tanks and some just a couple inches, it really depends on what you want.


I would trade/sell the two 400watts and get three 250 watt halides. You are not going to fully cover a six foot tank with two halides and a 400 watt halide over a 21" tank is overkill.


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Like Mitchell said every situation is different and it's ultimately up to you as to how you want the tank to look and what you will be growing. That being said I would not run most MH over 12" off the water surface. Too much par is lost any higher so you end up with a well lit tank that won't grow coral very well.


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