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Cleaner Shrimp Giving Birth


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Wow, crazy...


I had an inkling that my cleaner shrimp was just about to give birth. I had noticed what looked like the odd baby shrimp or two floating around in the tank. So I sat and watched my biggest cleaner shrimp that was holding a clutch of eggs that were practically overflowing from her abdomen.


So, I sat and watched with my iPhone at the ready. In fact, I was pretty sure from her actions that something was going to happen soon. So I started shooting little 30 second videos. And then it happened. On video!


Check it out!



I turned off the filter so they wouldn't all get sucked up. For about 1/2 hour they floated around the tank being consumed by my sixline, my goby and many of the corals. And then they were all gone. But how crazy is that to catch it on video? That was the highlight of my afternoon.

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