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"Westside sunset chalice" for sale

Harold B

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I have a chalice I got from tim (westside aquariums) 1 1/2- 2yrs ago that he named the "westside sunset" It was a one eye/mouth piece a bit smaller than a quarter priced at $50. As some of you know I'm running4 400w Radiums + 2 60" 140w VHO's and 2 80w 72" t-5's, point being its an SPS only tank and with the low available nutrients except what I put in it's not ideal conditions for this piece. I kept it in the shade for most the time i've had it. But recently had a nitrate rise that spurred it's coloring and growth. It's light pinkish/red with a deep orange eye/mouths (like the sun) but has since started to develope several more eyes/mouths and spread out. AS you can tell i'm not a chalice kinda guy. I'd like to see this go to a home more suitable for growing chalices where it can thrive. PM me if interested.

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