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Newbie! On the lookout for an aquarium!


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I'm new to this forum, although I've been drooling over your tank photos for months!! :). We finally bought a house and are moving next month so I am getting ready to start a reef tank. I'm really excited but still have a lot to learn!


I'd love to get my hands on a 48x24x24 aquarium and stand with overflows (Ideally, although I'm open to other sizes/suggestions), and thought I'd put my feelers out before I started looking at new stuff. Does anybody have some leads? For financial reasons, I'm just looking for the tank right now and will piece things together as I go.


I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm looking forward to joining the hobby! Thanks in advance!



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I have a thread titled "two 75g for sale" Or something like that.


I have a SMOKING deal on a 75 g. It is 48" (length) x 18" (width) x 21" (deep). Not quite the dimensions that you are looking for, but it sounds like what you want would be a custom tank, and those don't go cheap. I am pricing it to sell quickly. It would easily cost you three times what I am asking if you were to buy it new. It would be the wood-looking trim, wood colored pine stand and wood hood. You can see a photo in my thread. PC lights come with the hood. Some of them are not working and I have not tried to figure out why. They all can be removed if you want to retro-fit in some T-5 lights, MH, or even LEDs.


Check out my thread then send me a PM if interested.


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Welcome to the forum and the addiction (welcome)


You can find some really nice setups for sale on here. Sadly it seems many people have had to tear down their tanks lately.


I think the dimetions that you gave are a standard 120 gallon. If I'm not mistaken there are a few for sale right now. Be sure to check out the classifieds. Although dsoz does have some great deals on his thread too (whistle)


Good luck with the build and we love pictures! (when you get going of course)

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