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WTB hood for 29 gallon tank


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I have an eight year old daughter that is in love with her fish tank. I think it is a 29 gallon it is about 30" wide. We bought it used and the light did not work. I am looking for two things for it. The glass cover (to keep the bubbles from splashing the light) and a new hood. I forgot to mention it is a freshwater "guppy tank" If anyone in the Eugene area has one that they would like to sell or anyone that is further away that they would be willing to ship I would love to get her a new light, her plants are not doing so well with my make-shift light.

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If you need parts for it In Tank sells ballests and lights' date=' LED moon lights ect. and you could get a piece of acrilic cheap for the cover. :)[/quote']


Sounds like a standard 29 not a biocube. I would just search for a hood on craigslist or drop into one of the lfs.


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