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Bringing home sea creatures...

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ive been going to a beach on the oregon coast, mostly bringing home sand dollars and slate rock but was wondering whether it'd be ill advised to bring home any living creatures? anemones or urchins or things like that if i were to find smaller ones. i havent been able to look up any of the specific types of things ive seen while there any aquarium focused websites. so i guess im just asking whether any one ese has gotten this idea and if you have any results to share..

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There are a couple members here on the boards who keep cold water tanks, they are super enthustiastic about it and I'm sure they will chime in. To answer your question though, unless you have a cold water setup you shouldn't take home any critters. Our costal waters are very cold (although I'm sure the tide pools do heat up) and the normal tropical reef setup is just too warm.

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