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Aquaeuro USA nano 2


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Ok so my wife bought me this skimmer. She thought it would be perfect since she knew I was having a hard time deciding on a new skimmer. So I'm using it. One thing I notice is it doesn't produce any foam action, any suggestions on how to mod this thing to perform better. And I'd return it except she already had it in my actual display, so couldn't return it.




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Just googled it, looks like a neat little skimmer; are you sure you have it tuned right? If its new, it could just need time to be "broken in" many skimmer (if not all) need to get dirty before the foam can climb up to the collection chamber. I am probably the wrong person to be answering questions about skimmers, since I have never been able to tune a skimmer exactly the way I want. LOL.

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