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Replacement Skimmer Pump Suggestions

Blue Z Reef

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Hey all,


So my sump on my 90 gallon has a built in skimmer. Pretty basic, just an acrylic tube about 5-6" diameter with the pump tapped into the side (open bottom). It has 1/2" threads on it. Currently it has an Eco 633 on it. Overall, not a great skimmer pump in my opinion. It seems to create foam, but doesn't really travel up into the collection chamber enough. I'm not exactly sure where the 90 degree elbo that the pump blows into the chamber should be pointing. I curently have it aimed slightly upward (?), it creates a swirl motion. The skimmer cup doesn't really produce a ton of skimmate, I only empty it (not full) about once every 1-2 weeks. My little CPR bakpak on my 30 gallon fills it's cup practically brimmed every week (scratch).


What should I do? Is this an adjustment of the first chambers water level, the skimmer elbo direction, or is it time for a better pump (scary) (needle wheel or something?).



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