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seashine lifi plasma light fixture


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okay i really hate that i have to sell this but i have no choice. im forced to downgrade my tank due to financial issues this unit is about 11 months old with about 8 hours a day of use.


this plasma light single light covers my 5'L x 3'W x 2'D tank just fine with plenty of light to spare. i modified the unit to fit a lumenarc reflector. i also have the original reflector. i have this light balanced with 2 48" reef-brite actinic blue leds to give it a 12-14k look can through those in as well for an additional $350. with out them it has a 10k look. here is a link for this light 1 year of solid use out of it. its dimmable as well. very little heat not like metal halide i can touch the glass after it has been on all day.



buyer will pay for shipping and paypal fees

just plasma with lumenarc and original reflector for $800


reef brights alone both for $350 or $175 each these are both only 5 months old.


or get entire set up for $1000 with the 2 48" reefbrights.


reef brights alone both for $350 or $175 each these are both only 5 months old.


here is what it looks like on my tank.






this is an amazing light and i have a ton of growth from this . but like i said im going to downgrade to a 29g bio cube :sad1: and this light will be just way to much light .


contact me via text is the easiest for me 61nine 78eight 200three if you have any questions or if you would like more pictures.

if i dont sell this i will probably use it for my turtle tank

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