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FS: two 75g tanks and stands and more


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Due to life changes, I will be selling off all that I have from this hobby. I have two 75g tanks to start with.


One of them is AGA wood-looking trim with pine stand and hood. Someone commented on it saying it was a "Woodie special from Seahorse." It currently has PC lights in the hood (8x65w some are not working and I did not try to find out why), but they can be easily removed to make room for other lights. It was emptied, but not cleaned out yet. No holes drilled in it. It is a great basic tank. $100 for tank, stand and hood.






8x39w 3' T5HO TEK light from Sunlight Supply. Perfect for 40b tank (covers the entire tank perfectly). Used, but in good shape. Home-made plastic cover for the lights. Includes legs. New bulbs will be needed soon. $100. This model is no longer made by Sunlight Supply. The largest 3' light now has 6 bulbs.sold


45g long (same footprint as 55g, but a couple of inches shorter in height). Broken center brace. I used this as a sump for one of my tanks. $20


Stand for above 45g tank. Oak plywood. Has seen better days, and is no longer "furniture quality." Would also work for 55g tank. FREE with tank


Lots of live rock! over 100# of "real" live rock at $2/lb

(right side of tank) there is one large rock (about 43 lbs) and a bunch of smaller rocks in this photo



Left side of tank- some really cool branch rock in there




Over 300# of "man made" concrete rock. Some has been in my tanks, some is still outside, but probably cured. All was made over two years ago. $0.50/lb.



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Sending PM


This is what it looked like outside





This is some of it in my tank




In these photos it was in my "anemone farm" where I was cutting and growing out RBTAs for sale. Some of the pieces still have the feather duster tube worms growing on them.



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more photos of man-made rock.


Some in a tub of salt water.



All have interesting shapes




It was made with cement, crushed coral, coral sand, and rock salt. The salt gives it pores that make it really lightweight.


It was left outside for at least 6 months and watered with either a hose or natural rain daily. Some has been outside for nearly 2 years.


Much of it then was moved inside and sat in rubbermaid tubs of water that was changed twice a week. Once the pH stabilized, it was put into a holding tank of salt water. Fresh salt water was added whenever I did a water change from one of my tanks. It was then moved into a new tank that contained a few damsals, chaeto, and other coral (zoanthids, palys, mushrooms, etc.). Some of this rock finally made it into my "anemone farm" that I used to cut and grow out RBTAs.


The rock is ready to roll out of here and into your tank!



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