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got new family member


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So I have a 55 gallon this is in and its a juv. right now... still yellow even... I got a orange shoulder tang today.. I was in salem u see. anyway who is going to take it when it out grows my tank? oh by the way I named him tweety bird... he isnt comming out right now cause I did a water change but earlier my hubby said he was eating happily...




I tested my tank today and since its a new sset up and all I got some bad hair algae and nitrates to go with it.. URGGGGGGG.... did big water change.. but on the possitive note all the other tests I did came out fine... I see many water changes in my future...




Id share a picture of the tang but I have bad luck.. everytime i name a fish and take a picture it dies with in the next few days...... so I wont do it...



But when it gets bigger its going to need a doug size tank.....

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