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Majano Propagation Tank


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With the huge success that my competition pest tank has become, I've received a lot of requests for majano anemones. In particular, the stunning and beautiful green with red tip variety.


I don't have enough green/reds in my pest tank to share with everyone who has been interested since it's currently entered into a competition and I don't want to deplete the stock in that tank, I decided to set up my old 7.5 gallon Mr. Aqua cube as a breeding tank for majano anemones.


So, here's the stats:


Tank: 7.5 gallon Mr. Aqua cube.

Lighting: 26 watt Finnex fixture with 50/50 Daylight/Actinic bulb.

Filtration: Spare empty AC70 for water movement. No filter media used. 15 lbs live rock. Some chaeto floating loose in the tank.

Feeding: A variety of meaty sea foods.

Clean-up crew: A couple hermit crabs. A few snails.



The tank:




A generally un-exciting rockscape:




These are the initial stock of majanos:




Here are just a few of the special green/red ones:




And some brown ones of various varieties:




I'm feeding them pretty heavily in hopes of bringing the nitrates up a bit and encouraging them to split and grow. This is turning into a fun project, and I hope I can supply some of these wonderful anemones to folks who are creating their own pests tanks.

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