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So I have a beautiful volitan lionfish. It's about 12 inches long and his fin span is as wide. He is my prize fish that I own. But there is some nights when I want to cook him. (flame)His favorite thing to do is spit water out of the tank. Not a little water but enough to cover the front of my 150 and make a puddle on my stand. So I'm wondering if anyone else has had this same experience with a lion or if mine is just a 2 year old throwing a eternal fit.

Oh yea and on a side note about my pissy fish. I was adding rock and cleaning the tank tonight when he decided it was going to be the night I felt his sting.(scary) Thank goodness he misjudged and hit the scraper I had in my hands instead. He tagged it so hard with his spines it almost fell out of my hand. Normally he is very passive but I think he's starting to get old and cranky.

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I think its funny..



We had lion fish when I was younger. when dad cleaned the tank our job was to keep the lion on the other side of the tank with the net.. but I got stung once.. I got sick a bit and got some shakes. But that was it.. just hurt like a really huge bee sting.... Darn cloudy water.. I really want a manfu lion... I think they dance beautifully.. I hope I spelled it correct.... My hubby says nothing that bites or stings... party pooper.. I told him we should get rid of his maroon clowns they bite...

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