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55 gallon reef setup, all nice equipment!


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55 gallon tank, black stand, and canopy

2 175 watt metal halides

4 54 watt t5

Eshopps rs200 sump with extra socks

Skimmer rated for 150 gallons, literally 10 days old bought it at upscales

Gfo/carbon reactor with maxijet pump

Hydor 750 gph power heads two of them

T5 light for the sump

4 stage rodi less than 6 months old

Return pump for sump

Everything you need for a nice reef setup

Will sell all or part it out

450 takes everything

Pm for pics I can send to email or phone right away. I'll post pics and prices for individual stuff tonight

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55 gallon tank stamd canopy without lighting with eshopps overflow 100.00

4 54w t5 with geissman bulbs, bulbs are about 3 months old-100.00

dual 175 watt metal halide setup older ballast but works great-125.00

eshopps rs 200 sump-75.00 this was a 200 dollar sump rated for 200 gallons OR an aqueon pro flex 2 sump with fuge 100.00 once one sales im keeping the other

skimmer 80.00 paid 130 10 days ago at upscales

two little fishies gfo reactor with pump 40.00

4 stage Triton rodi with gauge 140.00 paid 250 less than 6 months ago

3 stage omnipure rodi 75 .00

750 gph return pump 30.00


I will work a deal if someone wants the tank,stand,canopy and lighting setup also. Pics wont upload because they are too big i will send to email or i can text them to you also.

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Dropping price On triton 4 stage rodi with gauge to 120 bucks

Phosban reactor 30 bucks with the pump

3 stage rodi 65 bucks

Metal halide ballast with two bulbs 100 bucks you will need reflectors unless your putting in a canopy

4 54 watt t5ho 90.00

Prices are pretty firm.

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